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Some has cited polystyrene packaging waste as a material that is to blame for clogged waterways. This happens because of littering. It is unfortunate that many misconceptions still persist citing that litter is a problem caused by specific materials themselves being littered rather than pointing to the true root of the problem which is irresponsible consumer behavior or illegal waste disposal. Attributing the litter issue to a particular type of packaging will merely take its place as litter, unless the behavioral problem is squarely addressed. All it takes is proper education, discipline and effective implementation of a rational waste-resource recovery program.

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FOMPAC is equipped with an engineering center to provide technical support to customer's design needs. The center is staffed with a team of professional design engineers and graphic designers using the latest in design technology that ensures availabilty of technical designs and prototypes in a minimum number of days.
Wireframe representation of a product being developed. In-house Design Engineer at work on a new product.
Knowledgeable workforce remains at the heart of our operation. From sales people to the engineers that conceive your packages. FOMPAC uses the most up to date information to match customer demand with production.


  • Product Design/Development
  • Detail Drafting
  • Design and Checking
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Stress Analysis/Simulation
  • Manufacturing Engineering/Planning
  • Tool Design and C/NC Programming
  • Technical Writing/Illustration
Prototyping Mold Finished Product with application item.
Twin in-house CNC supports the manufacture of mold tools for production. Fompac is quick-turn enabled: Prototype samples can be provided in as short as 10 days to support customer's immediate product launching in the market.
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